Here is a preview of the biogeek clip art collection. Buy the clip art or the biogeek grafix kit and you get access to the high resolution gif files for all the images seen below. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of the page to see examples of the presentation templates. To buy the clip art and our other products, go to the buy-o-geek store.

All images copyright ©1995-2003 BioGrafix

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Cell Clip Art Currently contains 116 images. Lab Toy Clip Art currently contains 90 images.
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Mol Bio Clip Art: 99 images. Protein and Membrane Clip Art: 215 images.
Send us your suggestion. If we use it in the collection we will send you a copy of the image for FREE! Even If you don't buy any of our products!
These are just some of over 600 clip art images available. They are available in the clip art collection, or you can get the presentation templates bundled with the clip art in the biogeek grafix kit. This is the best value for your biogeek bucks.

Lower down the page you will find samples of our biogeek templates. The template collection contains 96 full color Powerpoint(TM) compatible biogeek oriented templates. Make your presentations even more exciting and be the envy of all your biogeek friends!

Antibody Clip Art: 48 images. Lab Organism Clip Art: 39 images.
Presentation Templates, 106 full color, Powerpoint(TM) compatible biogeek oriented templates.