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How to purchase your Biogeek products:

1. Select the version of images you want. There are online and CD-based options.

2. Click on the "Add to Cart" icon.

3. If you have everything you want, click on the "View Cart" icon at the bottom of the page.

4. You will be taken to the PayPal system. We accept all major credit cards through the PayPal system. This system is secure and will ask you for all the same info you would supply for any online purchase, and it will not send you annoying E-mail afterwords (unless you want them to) If you need to place an order though your purchasing department, we can accommodate purchase requisitions and payment via institutional check.

5. An e-mail is sent to us and we send you either your user name and password or your CD. PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR PROCESSING. We do our best to process the orders as soon as they come in but this is not an automated process and you should try to order before your deadline if you can.

Biogeek Grafix Kit

We are offering our Biogeek Grafix Kit as an on-line version, and as a CD. Either way you get over 650 clip art images of antibodies, proteins, DNA and other biology and biotechnology related items. You also get 106 biology-themed presentation backgrounds so that you can quickly and easily create a stunning presentation in no time. Check the biogeek clip art page for examples.

Biogeek Clip Art

Presentation Templates

Online access

Biogeek Grafix Kit online version.

We send you a user name and password, and you copy and paste colorful Biogeek Clip Art images directly off the web page. Its fast and convenient and only the images you want are stored on your already crowded hard drive. Thanks to our recent update, you now have access to over 650 clip art images and 106 presentation templates. This package also includes access to the all updates for 1 year from day of purchase. Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed and your user name and password to arrive.

Only $39.99

BioGeek Clip Art

Presentation Templates

Hi-Res bonus

CD only

Biogeek Grafix Kit on CD.

Some people would rather have the disc with all their clip art and presentation templates on it. If you are one of them, the CD option is the way to go for you. However you won't receive the updates that are available with the online access package. Please remember to specify PC or Mac in the comments section of your order.

Only $39.99 + $5.00 shipping and handling.

BioGeek Clip Art

Presentation Templates

Hi-Res bonus (on CD)


Online access

Biogeek Grafix Kit on CD with online updates.

This is the best of both worlds! You get the biogeek grafix kit CD plus a password that gives you access to the online clip art and upgrades for one year from the date of purchase. Please remember to specify PC or Mac as you place your order.

Only $49.99 + 5.00 shipping and handling.

Individual collections

Looking for something specific? Don't want to pay for the whole package? Try our individual collections. These are online access products, please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed and your user name and password to arrive.

Cell Clip Art

Online access

Cells Only Clip Art.

For people who need cell clip art but not the whole Biogeek Grafix kit. You get more than 100 images of cells, from virus to human cell types as well as cell parts like mitochondria and other good stuff. This is an online access package, we send you the user name and password and all you have to do is copy and paste to put the images into your document.

Only $19.99!!

Biogeek Clip Art

Online access

Biogeek Clip Art.

You get access to all our clip art images, over 600 of them, antibodies, proteins, cells, lab equipment, lab organisms, and the collection is still growing! Go to the biogeek clip art page to see samples.


Presentation Templates

Online access

Biogeek Presentation Templates.

This collection contains 106 biology-themed presentation templates. Just paste one into your master slide and you have the perfect background for your presentation!


Special Order Let's Talk

Custom Work Package.

If you have something special in mind and you like our style, you can have your own custom images made. Please contact us through or call us at 203.798.6200 discuss the your project.

$25.00 per unit

Finish and pay

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