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All right, here it is. Free Stuff! This stuffs for you! Fuel for the revolution! Whatever. These are some samples of what you can find in biogeek clip art. Just use your browser to copy the images you find here and paste them onto your computer wherever you want them. They can be used as icons, wallpaper, in presentations or on that new web site you have been working on. All images copyright © 1994-2003 Gary Caviness/BioGrafix. Please don't sell them we hate it when that happens. Comments? Questions? Smart ass remarks? Send em to us at

Regarding the images. Some of these are full fledged samples from the clip art package. Some of them are a little more frivolous, you decide which is which.

free stuff!

New Feature! Selected images are available on and can be purchased as full size posters or t-shirts. Click on the images with Zazzle label, or use the button to the right to check out all the art at

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Click here for a full size template.
Gene chips
Miami Vice does cell injection
Hunt on the Agarose Plain
Protein Expression! get it, wink, nudge? We left you room for your own captions. Make your audience groan in horror!
Now you can get your favorite biogeek image on a high quality t-shirt or as a full size poster. You can even customize the poster or T-shirt. Add your own caption, lab name or organization

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Human Cloning wallpaper is now available as a poster on Just Click on the image to purchase.
Hunt on the Agarose Plain is now available as a full size high quality poster on Click on the image to purchase.
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