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BioGeek Resources linkBioGeek Finance LinkPresentation HelpBioGeek Culture linkFree stuff linkBuy-O-Geek linkBioGeek clip Art link biogeek.com has been created for two purposes, one is to sell biogeek clip art. As far as we can tell there is a real need here. You just can't find much in the way of biotech specific clip art. The second goal is to provide a place to share biogeek culture. The world of biological science is filled with a wide spectrum of cultural and intellectual wackos. Many of you have a great sense of humor and it gets expressed in the lab as well as scientific meetings and publications. We are here to disseminate the culture as broadly as possible and welcome your contributions. They site is created by biogeeks for biogeeks. We are also trying to make a little money, so hit ad links if you see something you like, we have tried to target sponsors that may be of interest to biogeeks, Please contact us with your comments, opinions etc.

Are you an original customer of Biogeek Clip Art? Send us and E-mail and you will receive a free and unlimited access to the clip art site. We are deeply thankful for your business in the first incarnation of our business. We apologize for any inconvenience resulting from the interruption in our active business site.

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Gary Caviness and the rest of the biogeeks

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