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BioGeek Resources linkBioGeek Finance LinkPresentation HelpBioGeek Culture linkFree stuff linkBuy-O-Geek linkBioGeek clip Art link Here is a little help with your BioGeek needs. There are hundreds of sites out there and we will be sifting through them to find the ones that are most useful to you. There are several mega-sites that offer you everything, jobs, news, stock info, product guides, biotech consumerism, product reviews, chats and forums. We will keep a listing of these links for you and there will be reviews of our favorite sites on a regular basis. Next time you need something stop by here before you do a search and get 1,654,987,384 hits for whatever you are looking for and none of them the one you need.

Looking for a job?

Try one of these sites specializing in biotech job matches. Who needs a headhunter. Hot job site, extensive listings for the biotechnology job seeker. Here is another site focusing on biotech and pharmaceutical jobs, it never hurts to spread that resume all over the place. This site was started by biogeeks if you are looking for a job site run by your own kind, this is the place to stop. Here is another site focusing on biotech and pharmaceutical jobs, it never hurts to spread that resume all over the place. They have a nice set of science pages with plentiful bio-oriented articles BioTech, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical news, jobs and companies, stocks . That pretty much says it, this is an extensive site and is well maintained and lots of options for finding the information you need. But its a corporate info site, scientists will check the job listing and news This is a nice big directory of sites, including links for biological sciences from agriculture to zoology. Genetic Engineering News home site. Hard to believe GEN was started 20 years ago, its focused on the industrial side, but provides a good overview of what is going forward. It also includes tutorials on a variety of topics

Aside from the novelty of not having "bio" in its name is a nice searchable site with news and information on stocks, research and even a listing of Academic sites.

Biofind is the Internet's "one-stop-shop" for world wide Biotechnology industry information, gossip and news

Bio Online has a novel feature, Live chat discussions by a panel of experts, actually seems to be worth reading. In addition they have lots of the news and resources such as posting of the NIH guidelines on the use of stem cells.

Frontiers in BioScience describes itself as a journal and virtual library, the site also contains news, free services and... shoppers heaven, the biomall!. Now this is a cool site, aimed at education, lots of stuff for elementary to high school levels. This site was started by Genentech and is now run as


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